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Miss Margaret de Sousa Deiro

Margaret’s Fund used to be known as the Margaret de Sousa Deiro fund and was founded in 1927. Margaret’s Fund is a UK Registered Charity with the number 210615.
The story of how the charity came to be is an interesting one:

In 1927 the late Miss Margaret de Sousa Deiro was suffering from pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) – which in those days was difficult to treat and was often terminal. She was nursed by Miss Anstace Muriel Howard, but the disease took its usual course.

Miss Margaret de Sousa Deiro left a substantial amount of money to her nurse in her will – and Miss Anstace Muriel Howard, unselfishly, decided to use it to benefit poor women who were suffering from TB. That is how our charity came into being.

We still as a charity support the activities of TB Alert. In the early part of 2011 World TB day took place, on 24th March, an event supported by charities globally.

In more recent years, the Trustees who looked after the fund realised that TB was becoming less of a major problem in the UK – and successfully applied for permission for the charity to be able to give money to poor women suffering from other illnesses too. Now Margarets Fund provides financial assistance to poor women in the UK suffering from any illness.